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  • Learning & Assessment
  • Agile based Project | LIVE Implementation
  • Global Authorized Certification
  • 3-6 months Internship with Certificate
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Program Highlights

Assignments & Case Studies

Engage with practical assignments and case studies to apply your knowledge in realistic scenarios.

Real-life PowerBI Project

Work on PowerBI project that mirrors real-world situations, enhancing analytical and visualization skills.

Lifetime access to LMS

Enjoy lifetime access to our learning management system for continuous learning and reference.

Job Readiness Program

Participate in a comprehensive job readiness program designed to enhance your career prospects.

Tools and Technologies

Power BI
SQL Server

Skills Covered


Your Expertise

Learn the skill to become Data Analytics Professional

Excel Pivoting

Master Excel pivoting to efficiently summarize and analyze data.

SQL Programming

Develop SQL programming skills for effective database management.

Create Reports & Dashboard

Learn to create insightful reports and interactive dashboards.

Business Analytics

Gain expertise in business analytics for strategic decision-making.

Business Statistics

Understand business statistics to interpret and analyze data trends.

Python & R Programming

Acquire Python and R programming for data manipulation tasks.

ML Algorithm

Implement ML algorithms to build predictive models and solutions.

Flask or Django

Explore Flask or Django for developing robust web applications.

Deployment On Cloud

Learn cloud deployment to manage and scale applications seamlessly.

Recomended Certifications

Tableau Certified Data Analyst

Validate your skills in using Tableau for insightful data visualization.

Power BI Data Analyst Associate

Demonstrate your proficiency in creating robust Power BI reports.

Azure Enterprise Analyst Associate

Certify your expertise in analyzing enterprise data with Azure tools.

AWS Certified Data Analytics

Showcase your ability to design and implement AWS data solutions.

Azure Data Fundamentals

Establish your foundational knowledge in Azure's data services and tools.

Azure Data Scientist Associate

Prove your capability in using Azure for advanced data analysis tasks.

3-in-1 certificate

Course Completion

Certificate From Skill Scholar

Internship Completion

Certificate From Data Labs

Professional Exam

Authorised Certificates

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Who should do this Data Analytics & Science Internship Program

Our Program is perfect for individuals eager to gain practical experience and deepen their expertise in analyzing and interpreting complex data sets.

Working Professionals who wants to cross skill and grow
Job Seekers who wants to start their career in Data stack
Students who want to upskill and submit a project in their final semester

Data Analyst Project Life Cycle

Phase-1:- Data Collection

After carefully evaluating the business case in a particular domain, data will be collected surrounding it.

Phase 2 :- Data Preparation

Using SQL, a database will be created to store the data collected in the previous step.

Phase 3:- Insights Generation and Dashboard Building

Establish a connection between the database and Tableau/Python/R tools to extract the required data. Generate user-friendly reports according to the business needs and develop the dashboard using Tableau/Power BI.


Food and Beverages Sales Analysis

Dive into the dynamic world of food and beverages sales trends, exploring customer preferences and market dynamics to uncover valuable insights that can drive business strategies forward.

Netflix Stock Price Dashboard

Gain real-time visibility into Netflix's stock performance with an interactive dashboard, enabling users to track historical data, trends, and key metrics for informed investment decisions.

Amazon Sales Online Retail Insights

Delve into the realm of online retail by analyzing Amazon's sales , identifying patterns, consumer behavior, and market trends to optimize sales strategies and enhance customer experiences.

Car Acceptability Predictor

Develop a predictive model that assesses the acceptability of cars based on various attributes, helping users make informed decisions about car purchases and market positioning.

Campus Placement Predictor App

Create an application that predicts students' chances of placement based on academic performance, skills, and other relevant factors, assisting them in career planning and job readiness.

Predict Views on Advertisement

Explore the effectiveness of advertisements by developing a model to predicts viewer engagement, enabling businesses to optimize ad campaigns and audience targeting strategies.

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Learning Path

Get Trained
Submit Assignments
Work On Real Life Dat aProjects
Job readiness

Key Highlights


Conceptual Training & Practical Demo

Empowering interns with conceptual knowledge and hands-on practice through interactive training and practical demonstrations


Assessments & Asssignment review

Comprehensive assessments and detailed assignment reviews to track progress and enhance skill development


Work on Realtime Projects

Engaging in real-time projects to apply learning in authentic professional scenarios and foster practical expertise


Agile & Sprint wise project delivery

Adopting agile methodologies for efficient project management and sprint-wise delivery for results


Git preparation

Preparing interns with essential Git skills for streamlined collaboration and version control in software development


Certification prep & assistance

Guidance and support for certification preparation, ensuring interns are well-equipped for industry standards


Mock Interviews

Simulating real-world interview scenarios through mock interviews to sharpen interview skills and boost confidence


Resume prep & Profile Optimization

Assisting interns in crafting resumes and optimizing their profiles for increased visibility and opportunities


Career Support Services

Providing career support services to facilitate smooth transitions in professional workforce

Salary & Roles Comparison

Testimonials Video

Service Fee

Knowledge pack


Project Pack


Internship Pack


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