Google Algorithm Update

Google Broad Core Algorithm Rollout is Slowing Down

Google affirmed last Wednesday that they released a broad core algorithm update that will take a few more days to fully roll out.

After the Search Engine Community noticed shifts in the core rankings in Google, the company itself confirmed that the broad core algorithm update for search results is already rolling out.

Now, after the heavy shifts over the weekend, the update rollout is starting to slow down in terms of the fluctuations that webmasters notice.

Forum discussions about the update are still high but some are seeing signs that the fluctuations are dying down, especially in Webmaster World.

Webmasters and the Search Engine Community think that this is one of the biggest algorithm shifts that they have seen in Google in over a year. A lot of people claim to see massive declines in Google rankings and traffic.

There are also numerous claims of seeing massive increases in rankings and traffic.

Google did not give out additional information about the update. Yet, they advised the webmasters to avoid making any technical changes to their websites.

There’s no \\\’fix\\\’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.

Google also stated that they should instead keep on looking for ways to making their overall website better and provide better quality content and experience to their visitors. The search engine may recognize the improvements and rankings may improve over time.

Below are some tools that show the slow down of the update rollout.

SERP Metrics:






Advanced Web Rankings:






Webmasters are still collecting data about the update until it finally settles down sometime next week. The Search Engine Community is conducting an anonymous survey about the impacts of the Google broad core update on August 1.

They want to collect data and analyze them manually to see if there are patterns since Google won\\\’t say anything more.

This is also a good way to help the webmasters in taking better actions and measures with their sites.

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